My News Sources: An Introduction

20 Jan


As an avid internet user and member of the electronic generation, I don’t think it comes as a surprise that most of my news sources are internet based. For most of my daily news, I use Yahoo! and a specialized homepage that highlights politics, science and technology. For more in depth news I also use the New York Times and Real Clear Politics . I trust these new sources because they are widely used, because I find Yahoo! especially to be timely, and because they haven’t yet crushed my trust in them with lies or bad reporting. I don’t read news in print or watch much television news. I also have specific websites I use for art news ( and for gaming news (

I find that Real Clear Politics is the least bias of the news sources, because it collects a wide range of articles from across the political spectrum. Yahoo! does not always do a good job of including pictures or integrating other media into their articles, and they also report a lot of less valuable entertainment news. The New York Times is much better in quality, but I believe that it often has a liberal slant in its articles, and especially in its op-eds.

Except that I would often categorize Yahoo! as entertainment news, I don’t trust entertainment sources as real news. They may sometimes be informative or at the very least interesting to read or watch, but I don’t personally find a lot of value in them.

In using the internet for much of my news diet, I also do most of my news discussion on the internet. Via Facebook, I talk to my father (whose opinion I trust to be well thought out, if usually deeply conservative).  My father and I link each other to news and talk about it almost daily, and my mom (who is deeply liberal) shares news articles via Facebook, though I often avoid discussing the articles with her because we usually disagree politically. When I talk to my friends about the news I usually just talk out difficult concepts or issues, and try to avoid serious conflict when I realize our opinions differ.

Despite talking about the news daily, I don’t read that many articles. I could also use a greater variety of news sources, and I don’t like watching videos. I am guilty of mostly reading articles that agree with my own political bias (as well as getting frustrated with articles that don’t). I’m also guilty of mostly discussing news with people I agree with. I think I could improve my news diet by going to a source like the New York Times first instead of Yahoo!, and probably by discussing the news with a wider range of people.

So that’s the news on where I get my news.

Signing off,

Joshua C. Geiger

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