A Day in the life of A Photojournalist

01 Mar

Over the past week and a half, I took on the role of a photojournalist, taking pictures at University sport events and around Laramie.

photo (1)

Cowgirl Marquelle Dent, 18, tries to pass around Chelsea Hopkins, 22, of the Sand Diego Aztecs. The Aztecs defeated the Cowgirls 57-51 in Laramie on February 20.

This photo, titled “Around the Block”, was taken at the women’s basketball game at Arena-Auditorium on February 20. There were signs around campus encouraging people to attend, and I decided it was a perfect opportunity for some photographs. Without a press pass, I could only get so close to the court, and it was hard for my camera to capture the action while zoomed. Still, some of the photos came out clear.

The crowd was loud at this game, but I did take a lot of pictures. For this photo, I kept my subject (Marquelle Dent) in one third of the photograph, and had her act toward the rest of the picture. The relatively uniform and clean background of the basketball court also helps to make this shot interesting.

photo (2)

A University of Wyoming student on a rock dances above a crowd of students in Simpson Plaza on February 21. The students were participating in a “Harlem Shake” video put together by the University Store.

I titled this photo “Neon Dancer”. Walking to the Union from class on February 21, I stumbled upon people in odd costumes unfit for the Laramie winter gathering in Simpson Plaza. Curious, confused, and seeing an opportunity, I pulled out my camera. With all of the movement, it was hard to get a good, still picture, but not impossible.

I later learned that this was being filmed and put together by the University Store as part of the latest internet fad, the “Harlem Shake”.  I used viewpoint and color as creative devices in this photo.


Conroy Stout, 22, uses his phone while waiting for some friends in a computer lab in the Engineering building on February 19.

This photo is titled “Computer Lab”, and was taken in the Engineering building on campus. I was on the other side of the room, and as I sat down at the computer I realized that from table level, I could just see Conroy Stout through the chairs and monitors. It took me several tries to get the picture right.

This photo was taken with the camera sitting on the table. This is an example of using viewpoint to take an interesting picture, and to some extent, framing. I think the photo would be better if I could have gotten something framing him from above, too, but the computer monitors do frame him on either side.


Ashley Sickles, 22, a senior playing forward for the Cowgirls, looks down the court during the game on February 20. The Cowgirls lost to the San Diego State Aztecs 57-51.

In this photo, titled “Looking Out”, Ashley Sickles of the UW women’s basketball team looks down the court. This was taken at the same game as “Around the Block”. I don’t know basketball very well and so had trouble getting into the game, but I did have fun trying to capture good photos.

In this picture, I used the rule of thirds to isolate Sickles. This, combined with the clean background, made for what I think is a visually interesting photograph. It almost looks like she is alone on the court.


University of Wyoming #23, 20-year-old Chelan Landry, dribbles the ball during the February 20 game against San Diego. Twenty-year-old Ahjalee Harvey of the Aztecs prepares to block her.

The last photo is another Sports-action photo, also taken at the February 20 game against the Aztecs. Like the other photographs at this game, I found my camera and my distance from the court to be problematic.

This one came out fairly clear, and though its background isn’t as clean as the other two I still think it’s an interesting photograph. I think that a balance is created by the two subjects, Landry and Harvey, on either side of the photo. They are both poised to move, and the action all appears to be taking place at the center, between them.

What I learned from this assignment is that photography isn’t easy, and that most photos don’t turn out awesome. The ability to do some minor editing was helpful in making some of the photos better, but I think that in photography equipment is key, and my camera wasn’t really good enough to get photos from very far away.

I was surprised by how many visually interesting moments occur in a typical day, and how hard they are to catch. I wish that I could have gotten much closer for the sports shots.

Thank you for reading,

-Joshua C. Geiger

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