Adriana Yankey: A Rough Audio Portrait

08 Mar

Continuing our work with audio journalism, this time I was assigned to interview a friend and record it. I decided to interview a trumpet-playing friend of mine. The rough audio recording can be heard below.

Despite knowing my subject and having questions prepared, I still felt nervous to begin the recording. Having the recorder set between us felt almost like putting up a wall. I mostly enjoyed the experience once we got started, however. I had to do the recording twice because on the first try I didn’t have enough questions prepared to reach five minutes.

One of the things I learned doing this assignment is that once you take on the role of interviewer, everything changes. The audio recorder sitting between us was impossible to ignore. I feel like I need to get a better feel for how long the response to a question is going to be before I ask it, and I also think it would have helped if I had more thoroughly prepared my questions. There are a few places where my questions feel a little disconnected, and I think that affected how she answered.

I enjoyed doing the actual recording, and I am excited to work on editing it. I don’t, however, particularly enjoy doing interviews. I also learned that the recording device is very sensitive, and even though I worked hard not to fidget there are still a few places where there is some interfering noise.

If I did it over I think I would spend more time working on how I was going to conduct the interview and thinking about what I wanted to get out of it. I would practice my questions so they don’t come off so confused. I think I have the hang of how sensitive the iPhone’s recording device is finally, so that, at least, shouldn’t be a problem in the future.


Thanks for reading,

Joshua C. Geiger

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